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Red Viper Automatic Welding Lens is one of the a best Innovations at Snakebelly. This lens has 3 modes and 1 of them is unique!

1 Automatic Mode

2 Grinding Mode

3 Welding Mode (will stay on all the time until you switch it back to Automatic mode ** Make sure to switch back to automatic when you are done using it , if you don’t it will drain the inside battery**

The Red Viper is a rechargeable solar lens

That comes with 1 year Warranty (this warranty only covers manufacture malfunction. It does not cover physical damage )

  • Solar Powered Magnifying Technology
  • Fixed Shades 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Light State: DIN Shade 2.5
  • Cartridge Size: 50.8 x 107.95mm (2 x 4.25″), Viewing Area: 96.5 x 34 mm (3.80 x 1.34″)
  • Reduce eye fatigue while welding and/or cutting
  • 0.0003s Switching Time, Auto-ON/OFF
  • Up to shade 16 UV & IR Protection
  • Grinding Mode
  • Automatic Mode
  • Welding Mode

Pre-Orders are subject to ship 3rd week of May.

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shade 9, shade 10, shade 11, shade 12


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