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ROB Purge Diffuser 2.0🔥 is an innovatived tool developed in the field over time to produce a more reliable purge environment. The Purge Welding system have been in the field for over 25 years and have progressed from using tape, hose, miscellaneous end-caps, seal rings, and foil to our Purge Diffuser
The ROB Purge Diffuser is made in America 🇱🇷 it comes with a Standard 3′ length argon hose. Includes a needle valve with quick connects, our kit comes with everything you need. Our kit is a plug an play kit!
We are proud to say is made in America and we can custom any order! DM for Custom Orders

Single Purge Diffuser is made for 1″ pipe all the way to 3″

Jumbo Purge Diffuser is made for 3″ pipe all the way to 24″ pipe

Combo Purge Diffuser you can switch the Jumbo to the Single! is a combination from both Diffusers

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ROB Purge Diffuser

Single ROB Purge, Jumbo ROB Purge, Combo ROB Purge


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